Poulsbo chiropractor Dr. Craig Benson

Poulsbo chiropractor Dr. Craig Benson

Am I the best chiropractor in Poulsbo? The real question is whether I’m the best for you. I’ve been providing outstanding chiropractic care in Poulsbo, WA since 1986. If you have back or neck pain, headaches, sleepless nights, or any number of other health issues, I can help. I tell my patients to ask me about anything- if it involves muscles, joints, or the nervous system, I probably have a way to make it better. It’s my privilege, business, and joy to use all of my abilities to help you become as healthy as you want to be!

Even if you’ve been “everywhere else”, including other chiropractors, I can help you. I use advanced techniques acquired in postgraduate seminars, and I’ve developed some of my own. I apply those techniques with talent, skill developed over decades, and exquisite touch. In two weeks of recommended care, you’ll feel the value of chiropractic practiced at the level of art.

What is a “kinesiology chiropractor”?

Some chiropractors work solely on the spine, cracking the back and sending you out the door. I feel it’s important to also deal with the muscles so chronic spasm doesn’t pull you right back into trouble. So I make extensive use of a chiropractic technique called Applied Kinesiology (AK).

AK muscle testing allows me to determine exactly what needs correction in your body- today- in more detail than any other approach offers. I not only correct the subluxation, but also balance the muscles and the nervous system to create a lasting improvement in your overall health.

How I Work

I do chiropractic adjusting by hand, not with an instrument. The key to chiropractic, and my focus, is the correction of subluxation. My adjusting is very precise and very fast. By encouraging your body to relax during the adjustment, it can be amazingly light, but still highly effective. Yes, the adjustment does often result in a popping sound- details here. If the sound really bothers you, I have other techniques that can be used.

I’m not a ‘bells and whistles’ chiropractor. No color computer printouts, and the only expensive machine is my  therapeutic laser. I use a special table that helps me apply precisely controlled traction to the low back. My most powerful computer is inside my skull, and my most sensitive diagnostic tools are my hands. I do an extensive orthopedic, neurological, chiropractic and kinesiological exam at the first visit, and x-rays are not taken unless indicated.

For many more details about how I approach practice, see techniques.

How To Choose Your Chiropractor

Would I like for you to choose me as your chiropractor? Of course I would, but only if your needs and my work fit together properly.

There are as many varieties of chiropractic as there are chiropractors- selecting a chiropractor is not a “one size fits all” proposition. One of the great strengths of the chiropractic profession is that innovations occur constantly as practitioners develop better ways of accomplishing the goals of chiropractic. Each doctor adopts techniques which are compatible with their personality and worldview. To get the best possible results, take responsibility for finding a chiropractor who fits with you and your needs.

This site will give you quite a bit of information about me, but I’m biased, of course. I suggest you ask around among your friends, family and co-workers. Sites like Yelp also contain reviews from ‘locals’. The REVIEWS page lets my patients tell you about me from their point of view.

Beautiful, relaxing healing space

Treatment Room Picture

View from Treatment Room

The background for this page is a sunset snapped from one of our treatment rooms. At left is a typical day. Well, at least a typical clear day- this is the Pacific Northwest. We’re literally over the water at Liberty Bay Marina.

It’s tranquil and easy to relax and heal here. We’re caring, kid-friendly, and dedicated to taking care of the business aspects of your care with as little stress as possible. Details about insurance and the office are here. Mailing address PO Box 1893, Poulsbo, WA 98370.